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5 Ways to Whiten Your Whites

For most people, laundry isn't a favorite pastime. This chore can become even more burdensome when your whites look dull and gray. If you have this problem, don't go shopping for new socks, just yet. Here are five ways to whiten your whites, so that you can wear them a bit longer....(more)

Vaska Oxygen Bleach is a Green Alternative

There are many different cleaning products out there. They present a confusing plethora of choices to the uninitiated shopper. With an increased emphasis on living green becoming an added pressure, Vaska Oxygen Bleach is a potential option. Here is a look at Vaska Oxygen Bleach's pros and cons....(more)


Steps to Installing a Gas Dryer Vent

Your gas dryer will work properly for a long time as long as you take certain steps to take care of it. The best thing you can do for your dryer is make sure that it has the proper ventilation. If your dryer does not have a vent, the chances are that it will either break down or cause a fire. Venting a gas dryer is a necessity not only to prolong the life of your dryer, but to prevent fires....(more)

5 Handy DIY Dryer Repair Tips

Whether you like it or not, doing laundry is absolutely necessary, and you need your appliances to work in tip-top condition. There may be times when your dryer needs repairing, but the good news is that you can take care of several of these problems on your own. It may sound difficult, but repairing your appliance can be easy if you know what to look for and follow some basic rules. Here are five handy DIY repair tips that you should know before getting started on your project....(more)

5 Great Tips for Finding the Perfect Dryer Repairman

The only thing worse than turning on your washing machine only to find it does not work is having a load of wet laundry and a broken dryer. The only thing worse than either of these situations is trying to find a dryer repairman you can count on to do the repairs right the first time. Although you can probably find a number of them listed in your phone book, this may not be the best way to find a reputable repair service. You should be prepared to spend a little more time finding a service you can count on the first time, and one that you should have no problem calling for further breakdowns. These tips can help you find what you are looking for....(more)